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The Guest House

The guest house is located on a large plot in the middle of unspoiled nature with fruit trees and a large meadow where children can play without any danger. We provide you with a terrace where to have a drink at the end of the day. Our location is ideal: no houses in sight, only the magnificent view on the mountains and at night clear star-studded skies. We will welcome you in a recently built traditional stone house with a lot of details and charm. At A'Noguera, our aim is to welcome hikers as well as mountaineers, cyclists, skiers, families, groups of friends or pilgrims in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere conducive to rest and conviviality. On the ground floor of the house you'll find a huge common room with two long tables where you'll share simple and savoury meals. A cosy corner gathers the guests around the fireplace even if there isn't one. We also provide board games for you. There will never host more than 20 people.

ECOLOGY: Our philosophy pushes us to minimize our impact on the environment and to do this, we take care of all aspects related to residues and waste and to electricity consumption. We are in a rural environment without connection to the village's electricity network. Our electricity is produced by solar panels relayed by a diesel generator if the sky is overcasts. For this reason, we ask you to use up in a responsible way as much as possible and not to waste energy, by way of small gestures: switch off lights in unoccupied rooms, unplug the devices once recharged... Please don't use of hair dryers in the rooms because it would overload the network. All liquid wastes from guest house are sent to a septic tank, which is why we recommend using only natural biodegradable products.

Our Environment

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San Juan de la Peña

Alex Varela

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Candanchú Esquí


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Santa María de Iguacel


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Concha del Peregrino